Beijing AVEA International Education is an international education management organisation who serves vocational schools, vocational colleges and universities nation-wide, aiming to promote the internationalisation process of Chinese education industry, by providing internationally accepted high-quality educational resources and integrated educational programs.

Beijing AVEA has established extensive and in-depth educational and industry partnerships in a number of countries including Europe, the USA and Australia. This enables Beijing AVEA to provide rich and diverse range of international educational resources and services to partners. With the headquarter located in Beijing, Beijing AVEA also has offices in Vienna and Sydney, as well as liaison offices in Los Angeles, USA, Toronto, Canada and New Zealand.

Over the years, Beijing AVEA has conducted wide range of education projects with local and national education department and education organisations, such as the Chinese Vocational Education Society (NAVEC), China International Talent Exchange Foundation (CTEF), China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), National Institute of Education Sciences (NIES), Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing Academy of Education Sciences, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, etc.

In addition, Beijing AVEA has helped more than 70 Chinese institutions including nearly 40 double-high colleges to establish partnerships with foreign comprehensive universities, applied technology universities and vocational colleges, and to develop in-depth cooperation in various areas, such as vocational education research, teachers professional development, leading talent training, curriculum design, education mode reform and pathway and joint programs. 

Some of those double-high colleges include:

  • Jiangsu Vocational College of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Beijing College of Finance and Commerce,
  • Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute
  • Anhui Technical College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Beijing Vocational Transportation College
  • Rizhao Polytechnic
  • Heilongjiang Polytechnic
  • Kunming Metallurgy College
  • Jiangxi Environmental Engineering Vocational College


Beijing AVEA Objectives

✦✦ To establish international relationships between governments, schools and universities.

✦✦ To promote exchange and cooperation in vocational education between China and other countries and regions.

✦✦ To assist in cross-cultural understanding and communication.

✦✦ To professionally assist in the international development of vocational education and training in China.

✦✦ To provide opportunities for international training in vocational education, language learning, and international cultural experiences.

✦✦ To expand high quality educational resources and provide customised educational services to domestic institutions.


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