Beijing Commerce and Trade School | TAFE Model in Practice Training Program

Australian TAFE TAFE, stands for Technical and Further Education and provides vocational education in Australia, is the representative of the typical vocational education model. The key components of TAFE is competency based training and assessment. Essentially vocational education is competency based education, aiming to cultivate practical and skillful talents. Therefore TAFE is getting more attention from […]

Beijing Commerce and Trade School | TVET CBT Blended Learning Class Starts Well!

Beijing Commerce and Trade School Beijing Commerce and Trade School, founded in 1964, is the national outstanding secondary vocational school, first batch of demonstration school of secondary vocational school reform and development, as well as the school of modernization of Beijing vocational education. It has won many honors, such as National Education Advanced Collective, National […]

Australian Micro-Credentials: Flipped Learning International Seminar Ended Successfully!

Currently online teaching becomes a regular method in colleges. The key issue is how to effectively implement online teaching and improve teaching effect. Flipped Learning is a very mature online teaching method and one of the micro-credentials in Australia, which could provide good guidance and reference for vocational colleges. Therefore, Australia Vocational Education Alliance (AVEA) […]

Early Childhood Care Development Forum hosted by The Belt and Road Preschool Vocational Education Alliance Launches successfully!

The Belt and Road Preschool Vocational Education Alliance was established by Xianyang Vocational Technical College on May 18, 2021, and AVEA was a membership organization. It aims to urge the development of preschool industry in countries along “Belt and Road” Routes as well as talent exchange and cooperation in such area, to share high-quality resources in […]

Beijing Electronic Information Technical College | Integration of Imported Courses for Talent Training

In order to thoroughly implement “National Vocational Education Reform Plan”, reinforce the construction of high-level majors of Beijing Electronic Information Technical College, continue the reform of the vocational curriculum and teaching methods, accelerate the process of internationalization of talent training, expand the international influence and level of schooling, the college cooperated with Australia Vocational Education […]

Promote Double High-level Plan with International Visions – Beijing Polytechnic Competency-based Training Class

Beijing Polytechnic is a public higher vocational college. In 2007 the college was selected in the list of “National Model Higher Vocational College”, in the Plan of Beijing Characteristic High-level Vocational College Construction in 2018, was chosen to be a member of “National High-level School Construction College (one of ten in Grade A) in 2019. Moreover […]

Beijing College of Finance and Commerce | Certificate Ⅳ in Training and Assessment Upgrade Program successfully started in Beijing!

To promote the exchange and cooperation with overseas counterparts,  enhance the openness of technical skills personnel training, improve the international vision and level of teachers, and build a strong, collaborative teacher team that meets the requirements of “Double High-level Plan”, Beijing College of Finance and Commerce (BCFC) cooperates with Melbourne Polytechnic (MP) and Australia Vocational […]

EU Industry Certificates | Training of Smart City Vienna Ended Successfully!

On the 21st of April, AVEA Beijing and Agency for Economic Cooperation and Development (aed) organized this training of EU Industry Certificates, Smart City Vienna, in order to promote international exchange and cooperation, build a word standard strong and effective teaching team, enhance the openness of talent cultivation in smart city area. A total of […]

Training Notice | Introduction to Austria Education System and EU Certificates

The year 2021 is the fiftieth anniversary of the Establishment of China-Austria Diplomatic Relations. Over the past 50 years, the two countries have gradually strengthen practical cooperation in various fields, and the 50th anniversary is not only a milestone, but also a new starting point. During this year, AVEA Beijing take the opportunity to further […]

Special Report on CETV 4 | TAFE Education Model Introduction and Competency-Based Training on Newcomers

Beijing TAFE Education Model Reform has last for three years and made positive progress with remarkable results. On 23 October, Ms. Wang Yubo, associate researcher from Beijing Academy of Educational Science, Ms. Zhang Yuqiu, dean of Early Childhood Education Department from Beijing Qiushi Vocational School, and Ms. Xue Le, head teacher of Accounting Department from […]